Hi, I’m Amanda and I am so excited to be an accountability coach with ALL IN by Teddi. I’m a working mom to a 14-year old competitive dancer who has the world’s craziest schedule (although I wouldn’t change it for anything I used to use it as an excuse not to take care of myself). I live in Southern California with my daughter, Kenzie, my husband, Seth, and our 2 dogs and 2 hairless cats. I work in a sales and marketing position and I would make 100s of excuses as to why I didn’t have enough time to get into shape. I was always a teeny, tiny kid and didn’t have to watch what I ate at all – you name it, I ate it, and I stayed well below my goal weight without exercise or any regulation of food. Everything changed as I turned 30. Last year I finally accepted that my weight was nearing when I gave birth to my daughter 14 years ago (I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy) and I knew that I had to make a change.

I’m so glad that I’ve found this program because it allowed me to rethink my entire outlook, and really adjust the way that I think about life as a whole. I now love how clean foods and appropriate portions make my body feel and I make time for my workouts, regardless of how busy my days are.

Not only do I feel great, but I also am confident and have more energy than I ever thought that I would have. I’ve learned that I owe this dedication and commitment to myself. Now that I am committed to this lifestyle, my only regret is waiting this long to start holding myself accountable and gaining control of healthy habits. I promise you that this program is life changing, and I can’t wait to share this journey with others!