About Angelica A.

Angelica AAbout Angelica A.

Hello! I’m Angelica A. I live in Southern California, with my husband, our dog, and two cats.

Before ALL IN, my weight fluctuated throughout my life. I tried following multiple guidelines for healthy eating, but couldn’t find anything maintainable. I never learned how to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle in my day to day life. I gained weight in college, and lost it. I gained weight in graduate school, and lost it. I gained weight in my late 20’s, and lost it. But, as my career took off, it became harder and harder to make healthy eating decisions, as well as to find time exercise–my work schedule had me working early and late hours.

When Covid hit I was in a bad place. I had taken a job that had a better schedule, but the pandemic made it unstable; my mother-in-law was losing her 3 year battle with cancer; the honeymoon my husband of 2 years and I were finally going on was canceled. I got to a point where I didn’t want to leave my house to get groceries because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin—none of my clothes fit anymore. I had zero energy to create a healthier routine, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In April 2020, a girl from my hometown posted her ALL IN results on Instagram. Seeing that someone I knew had success in the program, and she maintained her results and the lifestyle while working chaotic shifts as an Oncologist, had me floored. I immediately DMed her for more information. I signed up for ALL IN that week.

Thanks to ALL IN I have never been more comfortable with myself, mentally and physically, than I am today. I’ve maintained my goal weight (I lost ~35 pounds!) because I know what eating clean actually means (and how to problem-solve menus), how to exercise effectively (without burning myself out), and how to find balance when I want to indulge.

Having my coaches by my side every step of the way was crucial. They were there to give suggestions, as support when I stressed over silly things, and most importantly, as individuals who had completed the program successfully, cheering me on to do the same. ALL IN is a functional approach to incorporating fitness and healthy food into your routine; a lifestyle I plan on continuing for life. I am absolutely ecstatic to have the opportunity to provide guidance and support for clients by continuing my ALL IN journey as an Accountability Coach.

About Angelica A.