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About Ashley C.

About Ashley C.

Hi! My name is Ashley!

I live in Ventura County with my husband, my 10 year old daughter, and our German Shepherd Kharma. My husband also has 2 adult children that live just 10 mins away, and we are a very tight knit, blended family that truly does life together.

I have been overweight basically my entire life. I never played sports — I was always too intimidated, and too worried about embarrassing my awkward, heavy self to even try to participate.

One day I finally had an honest conversation with myself, and got tired of hearing my own excuses. I decided to go “All In”. Not only did I lose the weight, I gained so much more. I gained a new perspective of what real balance really is. I gained a new drive and focus and ambition for the things in life that are important to me. I set a new precedent of health in my family, and slowly but surely everyone started to fall into line and we are a much healthier family collectively. I gained a community of people who are just as positive and encouraging and driven as I strive to be. I lost what I wanted to lose, and gained more than I ever could have hoped for.

I am so excited to join All In as a coach, and share in your journey, and your success, and be there every step of the way for you!

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