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Hi – My name is Ashley and I am married with 2 busy kids who love soccer, swimming, and running. My family and I live south of Houston, Texas. Growing up I loved playing sports, especially soccer, and was always very active. After school I had my first child and didn’t realize it at the time, but was putting everyone else’s needs in front of mine. I would lose some of the baby weight but then would get tired of “dieting” and quit and gain it all back, plus some. I did this off and on for years. I was never consistent.

I then had my second child and the pattern continued. I had all the excuses: I am too tired, I just worked a 10 hour day, I don’t have time, I have to take care of the kids, I don’t have a babysitter, I am not a morning person, It is too cold outside, etc., etc., etc. I had completely lost the person that loved to exercise. I don’t recall how I stumbled across Teddi’s All In program but I am forever grateful that I did! I was so nervous filling out that application (I actually talked myself out of it for days), but I finally did it and hit ‘send’ and I haven’t looked back.

All In has changed my life! Not only have I lost the weight I wanted to lose, but I have kept it off and learned to be consistent and accountable to myself. The accountability aspect of the program has not only changed the way I exercise and eat, but has rolled over to so many other aspects of my life. I am now so full of energy and am able to take care of my family and myself at the same time. The encouragement and support I received from my All In coach will stay with me forever. I can’t wait to help and encourage others who are ready to make a change to be the best that they can be!

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