Hi, everyone! I’m Brittney, and I am so grateful to be a part of the ALL IN coaching team! I am a proud wife and live with my husband and two cats.

For most of my life, I didn’t prioritize my health because I ate what I wanted without any immediate consequences, and I always had an excuse for not exercising. Fast forward to my sophomore year in college, and my poor habits were visible in my body, energy, and mental health. While I have always been highly goal-oriented, my goals in the past were external, relating to work or some significant life achievement.

In 2018, I signed up for a fitness challenge — the winner was to win a cash prize through a point system. Once again, I became so obsessed with external satisfaction. I won the cash and even lost the weight, but I soon gained it all back and more just months later.

I continued to gain weight over time, and realized that I needed to make a drastic change when I began to develop physical symptoms that I never had before. My joints were in pain, and I was even convinced that I had a medical condition because I simply did not feel like myself or even recognize myself. That’s when I signed up for ALL IN.

Here I am, over a year later, and couldn’t be more proud to say that through this program, I have learned sustainable lifestyle habits with clean eating and daily activity, made long-lasting relationships with empowering people, and now focus on goals that fulfill my life in more ways than one.

I am so thrilled to now have the opportunity to give back and help others as they embark on their own ALL IN journeys!