Hi there! I’m Chelsea, a single mom to my two children. Fitness and health have always been extremely important to me, however, consistency and balance were my continuing challenges to achieving the body and mindset that I desired.

For as long as I can remember, I would push hard in the gym for a number of days, eat clean, see results and then the weekend would come and I would let it all go by forgoing my workouts and eating and drinking to my heart’s content. It seemed that every Monday I would come back to the gym feeling awful, tired, out of shape, discouraged and as a result “punish” my body with intense workouts only to do it again. This cycle continued until my body started speaking back.

A week before I met Teddi, I was admitted to the ER with intense gallbladder pain and an inability to digest any fats. I went through multiple testing, acupuncture treatments and worry without any sort of answer. Deep inside I knew it was a result of the way I was treating my body. I decided to make a change and start Accountability by Teddi. It was immediate the life-changing results I was experiencing. Getting in shape isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about changing your mindset and treating your body the way it deserves. So much self-love and confidence came out of this program that I just had to become a part of it and help others become the best versions of themselves as well. I am forever grateful to Teddi for creating this community and changing my life.