I am a mom of three with a full time job in finance. I had been active my whole life in dance and most recently aerial arts. I had gained weight twice in my life and was always able to lose it fairly quickly up until August 2016. I had my third child and had gained 65 lbs during pregnancy. I felt lethargic, sad, lonely and I could barely make it through breakfast without needing to go back to bed. I had post-partum depression and didn’t want to leave my house. I ate to make myself feel better but I knew it was only making me feel worse.

In June 2017 I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas and that was the catalyst for change. I couldn’t keep up with my friends, I was tired and felt uncomfortable in my body. I wanted to hide at the pool, and I decided then that I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I had watched Teddi go through her transformation and was inspired by her drive. I started the program on June 26th, 2017 and my first two weeks I lost 14.4 lbs! I have since lost almost 50 lbs and am no longer depressed.

My focus was turned to the positive, and as I started to lose the weight my body no longer hurt, which made life enjoyable again. I sleep better, I retain information better, and I am a better wife and mother. The best part of my new life is how I am inspiring my husband and kids to go after their goals and that I am involved in every aspect of their lives. It was simple to follow the program and I knew that my coach’s always had my back-I felt like I could take on any challenge. I love being able inspire women to realize their own potential by joining the team.