Hi, my name is Dana, and I am a single mother of a 3 year old toddler.

I have always lived a very active lifestyle. As a youth, I enjoyed dancing, swimming, playing softball, and have had a gym membership since I graduated high school at 18. My problem was never the working out, it was the nutrition. My mother was diabetic, and was on medication that made her lethargic for another condition. She was overweight and unmotivated. She did not cook healthy, she cooked savory and unhealthy. My father was the healthier one, but he did not practice working out daily. To him, his workout was mowing the lawn and fixing up around the house.

When I started college, I instantly gained the “freshman fifteen.” I was eating fast food on my way to class and making poor food choices. I was a stress eater and would eat in order to stay focused on my classwork. To top that off, I was going out drinking and eating late night. This bad eating and unhealthy lifestyle turned into bad habits and instant weight gain. I carried this increase weight range from mid-20’s and early 30’s. I was working out regularly, but that was just to stay skinny fat (I looked okay but was nowhere near healthy). I even got liposuction at 32 because I was upset that I couldn’t lose the weight even though I was working out and doing what I thought was dieting. This is a decision I would forever regret because it has caused scar tissue build up on my stomach that will never go away no matter how much I lose/tone.

I’ve known Teddi for several years and I finally asked her for help when I was 36. She coached me and taught me about nutrition and what it meant for “food to be fuel.” I finally lost 15 pounds I had struggled with for so long and was comfortable in my skin again. I learned to focus on nutrition and I couldn’t just work off the bad food choices.

I am maintaining my weight through everything I have learned. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I honestly wish I knew about nutrition when I was younger and I would have not made the bad choices I did, but you live and you learn, and I owe it all to All in by Teddi!

I’m so hyped to be an Accountability Coach and help other women go through the process and learn about their bodies in the process. I understand why Teddi is so passionate about what she does, and it’s because she is helping others be the best versions of themselves they can be.