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Hi, I’m Dani! ALL IN came into my life in May 2019, after seeing Teddi talk about it on the RHOBH. I had to check it out because I was trying all of the fitness programs out there. I didn’t have any expectations, because I knew I would do this for a little bit and then move on from it like I did with every other program I tried. I have always had fitness in my life through running, soccer and walking. I simply love to move and the health benefits of working out. But I never found something that truly changed my life and became a lifestyle. ALL IN would be the fitness program to completely change my life.

Fast forward past my Jumpstart and into my first Month, my ex-husband said he wanted a divorce. So while on the program, I was navigating one of the hardest things I had ever been through, but later it would end up being the best thing to happen for me. Thanks to the support of this incredible community and my coaches, I discovered a shift in myself that I didn’t even know existed. I was creating and building my OWN happiness, I wasn’t relying on someone else to make me happy. I was showing my body love with daily movement and healthy meals. I wasn’t emotionally eating and blaming others for feeling terrible. I took control of my own happiness and became the person I was always meant to be. I was coming into my own, feeling my happiest and healthiest and man did it feel amazing!!! This was exactly where I was meant to be to help get me in a positive place after my divorce. It also led me into Coaching after my graduation. I wanted to help others who might be going through a difficult time find their light and happiness too.

In 2021, I left Coaching, because of the demands of my other job and I was devastated with having to make that decision. During that time away I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it completely shook me. I could no longer do cardio and run miles like I used to. Lifting weights was unbearable and I started to feel my old habits creeping in with emotional eating. I didn’t know how to navigate the news of having a chronic illness. One thing I did remember is how incredible I felt when I went ALL IN back in 2019, and how that was one of my happiest moments with how great I felt in my own skin. That’s when I realized how much I truly missed ALL IN and being a Coach. I missed every aspect of this community, the support, the friends, the clients, the lifestyle!

Today, I’m feeling my best yet again. Navigating my Fibro one day at a time, but ALL IN helps me stay healthy with focusing on wholesome, clean meals and keeps my daily movement commitments so I can truly feel my best. I’m engaged to the love of my life and we love sharing our life with our 3 rescue dogs in Oklahoma!

I absolutely LOVE being an ALL IN Coach and being able to help others through whatever life has thrown their way, because it can be some curveballs. It brings me joy everyday. I want to help my clients see their potential and know that they deserve the best! And to help them see, like my coach helped me see, we are in control of our own happiness – not another person, not a job, not an event, not a place – but it comes from within us. And ALL IN teaches you how to start within yourself to build the lifestyle of your dreams! It’s pure MAGIC!!!

About Dani