About Deena

Hi, I’m Deena! I am so excited to help you start your journey with ALL IN!

As a busy wife, mom to two young toddlers, and a woman with a full-time career in property management, living life here in crazy Los Angeles, I know the struggle. Life moves so fast and it’s easy to make excuses and to not take the time for you and your health. Everyone else always comes first. That was me.

I was (and still am), a spin junkie. Before I had my kids, I rode every day. But, once I got pregnant, I lost control. And I couldn’t out-spin the food I was putting into my body. I went from every day, to four days a week, and then, after my second baby, two days a week, but I didn’t make changes with my food. I couldn’t get back into control. I didn’t have the time, I had babies to take care of, a job to keep up with, a household to run, and every other excuse in the book. I was embarrassed, I was unable to keep up with my kids at the park, and I didn’t want to participate in their lives because I was afraid of the way I looked. I was missing out on memories. I was tired, I wasn’t taking care of my body, or my mind.

When my youngest was 10 months old I officiated my best friend’s wedding in a maternity dress. That was it. That was my moment. I decided I had to make a change. I had heard about Teddi’s program from a friend of mine and I went for it. I thought, I can do anything for 15 days.

Nine months and over 50 pounds later, here I am. I’m in the best shape physically and mentally of my adult life. I am strong, confident, and a better version of me. This program will change your life and I’m so excited to share it with you!

About Deena