Hi, my name is Faye, and I am thrilled to join the ALL IN by Teddi Coaching Team! My journey began as a client. I witnessed first-hand how valuable a strong, committed and knowledgeable Coach is to a client’s success. I look forward to helping my clients overcome many of the same physical, mental and emotional obstacles that I faced when I first made the decision to be ALL IN.

I am a southern California native. From the time I was a little I was always in dance classes – tap, ballet, lyrical – I did it all. In my early twenties I was a professional cheerleader for the Wizards and the Lakers. I feel like I have been a dancer my entire life. No one tells dancers how difficult it is to adjust to diet, exercise and body image once their performing days come to an end. I was continuing to challenge myself both mentally and physically as a teacher, choreographer and instructor; but I started to see my weight fluctuate. Even though I knew that I needed to take a hard look at my lifestyle, make more time for my own workouts, and change my relationship with food, I felt like I wasn’t quite ready. Then, in 2016, my mother passed away and I found myself turning to food more than ever during this extremely emotionally draining period.

It was soon after that I KNEW it was time and was lucky enough to be introduced to Teddi’s ALL IN program. I was thrilled to be offered the guidance, structure and support system that I needed to make a positive life change. There are no quick fixes, magic pills or empty promises. If you are ready to put in the work, stay disciplined and be accountable, then you are ready to be ALL IN! I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.