About Jessica


Hi! I’m Jessica. I grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada, but I currently live in Toronto. Growing up, I was a competitive dancer – at one point I was dancing 30+ hours a week – and loved it. I continued to be active throughout my late teens and 20s, doing some form of cardio almost every day. Despite this, I also went through phases where I struggled with my weight and emotional eating. I yo-yoed constantly by letting my mood affect how I was treating my body and what I was eating. If things in my life were stressful, I took that stress out on myself by filling my body with junk food and denying myself the time to work out (something that I had always loved to do and ALWAYS used to put me in a better mood).

This vicious cycle reached its worst when I gained about 50 lb during the course of a years-long abusive relationship. My self-esteem was at an all-time low. As a result of this, not only had my eating habits gotten worse than ever, but I completely forgot my love for exercise and stopped all physical activity altogether. Eventually things reached a breaking point and I left that relationship, but the bad habits and mistreatment of my body that had built up over years were too hard to break on my own.

That’s about the time I discovered Teddi’s program and, after a bit of research, took a leap of faith and committed to doing Jump Start. This decision was one of the best I have ever made. What I didn’t expect and what sets this program apart is that it isn’t a diet at all – it’s a lifestyle shift – and has completely changed my life for the better. With the encouragement, constant support (and sometimes a bit of much-needed tough love) from my coaches, the weight started to fall off. More importantly though, is how good I feel! I finally feel like myself again, comfortable in my own skin, which is something I didn’t anticipate. My confidence has grown along with the huge improvement in my health and fitness level. I started out walking for an hour every day. Now I look forward to my daily cardio sessions and I can’t get enough.

Choosing to be ALL IN was the best gift I could ever have bought for myself, and was hands-down the best investment in my health and happiness I’ve ever made. To say that this program has changed my life is an understatement! I’m eternally grateful and can’t wait to support others in the life-altering change that being ALL IN makes.

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