About Kellie

Hi, I’m Kellie! I grew up in Nor Cal and currently live in Los Angeles. I have always enjoyed being active. In high school I was involved in track, dance team, and volleyball. I also love running local 5k/10k races. This eventually inspired me to get my Bachelors of Science in Foods, Nutrition and Wellness from the University of Utah.

As I got older, many factors began to contribute towards me losing my accountability. The main, being I changed my priorities upon meeting my now fiancé. My workout priority was replaced with my relationship priority, rather than balanced, and his eating choices often influenced mine. I was losing myself and wanted this to change, I wanted to physically get back to where I felt most comfortable. I gave myself excuses and way too much of a break for too long thinking I could quickly get back to where I was. I tried, but was not accountable on my own, I was not making progress.

When I heard of All In by Teddi, I knew it was the accountability and guidance I needed to get in the best shape I can be, but also to learn the balance I was looking for. This program has given me the lifestyle that allows me to find my best self mentally and physically and given me the confidence and balance I need as I transition into the role of wife, and eventually mother. I now feel so honored and excited to have a chance to put my education and passion towards helping others find their best selves as well!

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