Hi! I’m Kelly. I grew up in Santa Clarita, a growing town in northern Los Angeles. I was a competitive swimmer from the ages 10-21. After my sophomore year of college I chose to stop swimming to concentrate on school. Unfortunately at that time I was young and had poor eating habits which quickly caught up with me. I had always been relatively thin but my lack of exercise and bad food choices led me to gain quite a bit of weight.

In my mid-20s I decided to refocus and pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. I found myself frustrated because in spite of my healthy ways I always felt like I was carrying around an extra 15 lbs. I needed something to help me get over my plateau. I met Teddi through a mutual friend and would see her at different workout classes and followed her on Instagram. Finally, one day I messaged Teddi and told her I wanted to go through her accountability program. I started shortly after that and I am happy to say that it worked. Not only was I able to get rid of my extra weight, I felt more confident in myself and most importantly, I had the tools to maintain it.

I have been a registered nurse for 10 years and take care of acutely ill patients. Many of these patients suffer from diseases that are easily prevented by living an active and healthy lifestyle. That concept is what has really inspired me to join this wonderful team of coaches. If I can help one person change the course of their life, it is all worth it!