Hi, my name is Lexi and I live in Los Angeles. I played Division I soccer in college but after having knee surgery my life drastically changed. Staying active didn’t come as easy and although during this time I continued to think I was “doing everything” to be healthy and active, the truth is the number on the scale kept increasing. I continued to be unhappy with how I looked and I would make excuses on why I couldn’t lose weight.

After seeing photos of Dana W. and watching her change her lifestyle, I was blown away and came to the realization that I didn’t have the answers and needed to change my thinking about food and fitness. After starting ALL IN I instantly felt better. Of course the weight loss felt amazing but eating clean and exercising everyday really changed my life for the better. I am happier, healthier and stronger (emotionally and physically). It has been a life-changing experience, one that I didn’t even realize I needed. I am able to look at food differently and crave my work outs each day. I was so nervous to turn 30 this past August (2018) but after completing this program I was truly excited and confident for this next decade because I was starting my 30’s as the best version of me. My husband, Rhys, thinks he is the funniest guy and keeps making jokes to me about my new appearance: “Don’t tell my wife we met.”

The encouragement and support I felt through the program helped me succeed and I am excited to become a coach to provide others with that same feeling. This truly is a lifestyle and one that I am proud to be living and sharing with others.