Coach Lindsay

Hi, I’m Lindsay and live in NYC. I’m so excited to be on the ALL IN team! I have a full time career in Finance and have always struggled with losing weight despite living a very healthy and active lifestyle. I tried many different diets and exercises, went to numerous nutritionists for guidance, but nothing seemed to work. I became extremely frustrated and it had a tremendous effect on my self-confidence and outlook on life.

I began the ALL IN program in October 2017 and it has completely changed my life! With the help of the team, I lost 15 pounds and feel healthier, happier, stronger, and confident! Being held accountable pushed me to change my perspective on eating healthy and exercising. This program has taught me that this journey is a lifestyle change, not a diet. The results I’ve had help motivate me on a daily basis to continue to make healthy decisions and remind me of how far I’ve come. I am so thankful to be part of a team that motivates and supports others to look and feel their best!