About Marcy

Hi, I’m Marcy and I am so excited to join this incredible group of coaches. I was born and raised in sunny Santa Barbara and am currently raising my three children here (11 year old twin boys and a 7 year old girl). In addition to being a wife and mom, I am also a full time real-estate agent.

I have struggled with my weight and self-esteem for as long as I remember. I have always loved to work out but motivation and self-care became more difficult once I had children. I had trouble making myself a priority and grew complacent with my routine. Skipping weeks of working out or weekends filled with bad food choices became the new norm.

All of that changed when I began this life changing program with Teddi. I found balance, health and happiness. My coaches encouraged me every step of the way and helped me to establish sustainable routines. I loved the way my body and mind felt after a challenging workout and I loved having a constant cheerleader in my corner. My mind became more clear, I slept better and had much more energy. Most importantly, I love how I am setting an example for my children on how to make yourself a priority and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am honored to be part of this team and support other women.

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