Hey there, I’m Matt. Some of you may know me as Teddi’s running “bodyguard.” But Teddi and All IN are the real body-guards (see what I did there?) and I’m thrilled to join as their first male coach.

Growing up I was constantly called names for my bigger size— “Quake,” “Blubber,” and “Pugsley”— and really had no self-confidence. Throughout high school and college, I would constantly be trying new ways to eat and lose weight while battling with the nagging voice in my head telling myself I would never be happy.

Upon moving to Los Angeles and amidst the pressure of all the “beautiful people” I got a gym membership and began running twice a day. I tried every fad diet I could and soon had body confidence. But I still wasn’t healthy. Because having cheesecake for dinner and then running four miles at 9 o’clock isn’t the healthiest option, no matter what your size.

Eventually I was in a serious relationship and we all know how that goes— ordering Dominos and playing Mario Cart in bed all weekend (just us?). Soon, I was letting myself go again, and making excuses like, “Well that’s just what people in relationships do; get comfortable.” Or, “He has to love me no matter what I look like.”

I would constantly feel lethargic, bloated and had to buy new clothes. I was embarrassed to look in a mirror but I wasn’t doing anything about it. Well, I was complaining but that’s really not that helpful. Finally, I saw a picture of myself and could not believe it was me. That wasn’t who I wanted to be.

Thankfully, I had Teddi in my life. Seeing her journey and transformation was inspirational. And when she said she wanted to start taking male clients, I shouted, “I’m ALL IN!” Because I’m really good with word play. I knew that being a client was the best way to be held accountable for the choices I was making. And with an impending wedding it was just what I needed to get myself into the best shape of my life.

As I quickly learned on the All IN program, excuses don’t exist. And as I saw my body and mind changing I began applying that lesson into every aspect of my life. And I’m so much better for it. And that’s why I now want to help other guys out there find the part of them that will say, “No more excuses! You can do it. You can be happy.”