Hi There! My name is Meghan! Growing up I was extremely active outdoors and played softball the majority of my life. After I quit playing softball and focused on my career, my health started to take a backseat to other priorities in my life. I steadily began putting on weight. I tried the newest fad diet every few months and lost weight relatively quickly; however, it never lasted. Sure enough, I quickly put the weight back on, plus more until I finally reached my highest weight.

I was constantly making excuses for myself as to why I was unable to keep the weight off or truly taking responsibility for my actions. Part of my job is to entertain business partners and clients, so how could I possibly be expected to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a successful career? As I was sitting on my sofa one afternoon, I came across an advertisement for ALL IN and my curiosity was peaked. Of course, I sat back and thought of every excuse as to why I would not be able to do the program. My life is centered around food and alcohol and how could I have time to workout everyday – I have a job. I teetered on the edge of applying for weeks until I finally realized that this program was exactly what I needed. I needed people in my life to hold me accountable for my decisions and not accept my excuses as to why I could not fulfill my obligations to myself.

ALL IN changed my life! I was able to finally learn that it is completely possible to have a healthy relationship with food and workouts. Now, I make myself a priority in my own life! Through the support of the ALL IN Family, I now have the tools to hold myself accountable for my own choices. The accountability portion of the program has also helped me in all aspects of my life. Today, I have more energy than when I was in my early 20’s through the healthy foods that are fueling my body as well as the extra endorphins from my daily workouts. I am very excited to have the opportunity to assist others in their journey to become the best version of themselves while living life to the fullest!