Hello! I’m Sarah, and I am thrilled to be an accountability coach with ALL IN by Teddi. I live in Northern California with my husband and two active, young boys. I work as an elementary school counselor by day, and am loving my new role as sports mom by night!

I make time for everyone else, however, the one person that I needed to invest in the most, I neglected….ME.

I’ve always been fit, active, and didn’t think twice about my weight, until my body changed after having my two boys. As I juggled through life trying to find balance between being a school counselor, wife, friend, and sports mom on the go, I found myself making poor food choices, eating late at night, and hitting up the drive thru more times than I wish to count. I have tried numerous diets and fads; loosing pounds and gaining more back. It became an unhealthy cycle. And it all finally caught up with me. My confidence lacked, and my anxiety soared. And then I found ALL IN by Teddi’s accountability program. The hardest part for me was submitting my pictures. It meant I had to accept where I was, a place I never want to be again, in order to hold myself accountable for the person and mother I want to be. My ALL IN coach’s continuous motivation and encouraging words gave me strength and pushed me to dig deeper than I ever have before. I have lost nearly 40 pounds, but more importantly gained back my confidence and sparkle! You can’t start a fire, without a spark! I deserve it, and so do you! Now lets GET IT!