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About ToryAbout Tory

Hi, my name is Tory, and I am so excited to join the ALL IN accountability coaching team and help guide you along your journey! Growing up in Southern California, I was always active in my childhood and teens, swimming competitively, playing soccer, and water polo. What I didn’t realize was that I had developed bad eating habits. After going away to college and no longer being active in organized sports, I started to gain weight.

I would counter the weight gain by working out and watching what I would eat, but as soon as I lost the weight, I would go back to the same old bad habits.

Now married, with two young children, and working full time, I had every excuse in the book! I am too busy; there isn’t enough time in the day; I am exhausted! Who has the time and energy to work out and eat right on top of all the other responsibilities (excuses)! I started to fade into the background. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I lost my confidence and sight of who I was, but more importantly, who I wanted to be, for myself and my family!

I knew I couldn’t go on this journey alone. I needed the support and guidance of a coach holding me accountable while helping to guide me in building healthy eating habits and a proper exercise routine. I heard about ALL IN by Teddi while watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills and decided to follow @goallinbyteddi Instagram account. My life was forever changed! I waited for the Transformation Tuesday pictures to see the client’s weight loss and just kept thinking if all these people are transforming their bodies and lives, why not me! But I was nervous! I didn’t want to fail and wasn’t sure if this was for me. I filled out the application a few times but couldn’t submit it.

One day a post from @goallinbyteddi asked ‘what questions do you have’ I asked to hear from working mom’s in the program, how do they make the time? I received an instant response and felt a real connection, and I knew this was going to work!

I went ALL IN August 2019, and I was ALL IN from day one! With the help of my amazing coaches I hit the ground, well walking with a little bit of jogging, but after three months, I was down nearly 30 lbs and running my first 5K and then a 10K a month later!

I have learned the importance of making time for myself a priority, properly moving my body and fueling it with easy to prepare clean foods to become the best version of myself! What I didn’t know that I would gain from going ALL IN was a supportive community of strong and confident women who love seeing each other succeed! I found myself again! Now I am more comfortable with myself and more confident than I have ever been, which pours over into all aspects of my life! I love traveling to new, or old places, and mapping out my runs! I have a completely new and exciting outlook on life! If you are thinking about going ALL IN, do it!

I look forward to helping you with your health and wellness journey to live a healthier sustainable lifestyle!

About Tory