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About Wendi

Hi, I’m Wendi. I am the mother of a busy teenager, and have been a family and wedding photographer for the last 15 years. As I approached 40, I began noticing big changes in my health. I had cravings which led to binge eating. I felt fatigued all the time and my joints and muscles ached. My whole body was inflamed and I felt sick. I stopped going to the gym and eventually settled into a very inactive lifestyle. I went to my Dr hoping for an easy fix; her answer was to improve my diet and exercise.

After a 6-week program with Teddi, I lost 27.6 pounds and my body no longer ached. The cravings stopped, and I am now thoughtful about what I put into my body. We all know that exercising and eating well will improve our health, we just need the motivation to do it. This is where having an Accountability Coach helped me. Each time I was accountable, I felt accomplished! At the end of each day, I knew I’d made better choices for my body and health. Everyday feels like an achievement because it is; I am achieving the optimal me. I am so grateful to Teddi and I look forward to helping share accountability with others.

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