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About Whitney

Hi, I’m Whitney, I’m a mom to 4 beautiful girls, a wife and a former college athlete.

I have always loved being outside and being active, with that being said, being a mom to young kids has pretty much put that lifestyle to a halt.

I felt tired, overwhelmed, and demotivated. If had anytime to myself, I wanted to just lie on my bed a watch a show…who has time for a workout?

Over a year ago we had a major accident happen in our little family which left me having health issues. I struggled for several months not knowing if I was ever going to feel decent again.

After getting a diagnosis I made a commitment to myself…that I would be my best self every day, regardless of this diagnosis, not just for me, but for my family. I was going to make a change and take accountability for my health and wellness. I wasn’t going to settle for excuses of being tired and that I have too much going on. My family and I deserve more. This traumatic experience helped me see how much I want to be healthy and active for my kids, and that life is too short and too precious to make excuses.

I met Teddi years ago and I watched her make that change in her life. I was amazed at her commitment to her health and I wanted to do that as well. This change and lifestyle is what I needed and Teddi’s program is what I turned to and I am so glad I did.

Starting out was hard and scary. I not only had my previous excuses but I could add to them concerning my health. However, I had committed to myself and my family. I set goals that I was determined to reach and I had amazing coaches that helped me get there. You cannot do it alone.

I’m excited to join this team as a coach and will continue to hold myself accountable. Allow me to hold you accountable as well…it will be hard, but I promise you that it will be worth it! No shortcuts here; just long-term change in your lifestyle. You deserve it!

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