ALL IN by Teddi Programs

ALL IN CONNECT is your opportunity to discuss relevant and life-changing topics directly with Teddi Mellencamp and her ALL IN team. Think of this as your chance to get into Teddi's head about fitness, self-care, and well-being. Join Teddi and a supportive, encouraging group of like-minded people looking to live their best lives.

Each month, Teddi and her team will host a live Zoom video/phone call, with a new topic to be discussed. The calls will last approximately one hour. Take this opportunity to get Teddi's take on each topic, and to share yours with the whole group! There will be lots of information, lots of sharing, and lots of fun. CONNECT with us!

Each call costs $25 to join. Click the button below to join the next call. Details will be emailed to you after checkout.

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