About Celeste

About CelesteAbout Celeste

Hi, I’m Celeste, and I’m so excited to join Teddi’s team as a coach. I grew up in Boston, MA and moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and pursue a career in the fashion industry. During my first years in LA, my weight fluctuated. It was hard adjusting to living on my own in a new city and transition from playing high school sports to being a full time student and working. I made sure to eat healthy but never made time for myself to work out.

Over the past few years, my demanding work schedule and social life caught up with me. When I wasn’t working I would want to “live my best life” and at the time that meant being out and socializing (which was almost always centered around food and alcohol). I made excuses, to me working out was more a punishment and not something I would chose to do during my limited free time. Dinner and drinks with friends always won over going to the gym. Even though I was eating healthy, I was always tired and never satisfied with the way that I looked or felt. I needed a change.

While working for Teddi I saw her dedication to the program and the amazing results she and her clients were getting. It inspired me to make a change- to prioritize my health. Having an Accountability Coach motivated me to use my free time to work out, get strong, and be the best version of myself. Now it is just part of my daily routine no matter how busy I am.

This program taught me to be accountable to what my body needs most – healthy food and daily exercise. I know I’m significantly healthier and happier because of it. I look forward to motivating and supporting others to live a healthier lifestyle.

About Celeste