ALL IN by Teddi Programs

Accountability (noun): the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions.

Every morning when I wake up and reach for my phone to see another client excited about their progress, I am reminded why I truly love what I do. When we aren't feeling our best, we can't live at our best! ALL IN by Teddi was created to empower all of us to be our best selves by partnering up for positive change. As the change occurs and we see the difference in clients' moods and confidence - that  is where the magic happens. We love providing the accountability that changes lives!



Going All IN begins with our signature two-week jumpstart designed to detoxify your body and reset your habits to a path of health and wellness. And your personal, one-on-one accountability coach is there with you the entire time— cheering you on, checking in and changing your lifestyle along the way. We won’t say it will be easy; but we will say we know you can do it!

Price per day: $39.90/day

Total Cost: $599

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After your successful completion of jumpstart, you’ll move on to our monthly program, designed to continue the full accountability you crave but with a slightly more relaxed menu. We are here to keep you committed to your goals while hammering down those good habits so you’re eventually comfortable going off on your own.

Price per day: $14.25

Total Cost: $399


Weight & Workout

Proceed with our Weight & Workout Program after completing at least 6 weeks with All IN*. This section allows for a level of personal accountability while still incorporating and improving upon the tools and knowledge you have begun developing during the monthly routine. As the name suggests, a daily check-in of weight and cardio is what’s required, while your coach is there for high-fives and helpful hands with a little daily accountability push, empowering you to hold yourself accountable with meals while you maintain the flexibility and freedom you’ve earned.
*Upon recommendation from your coaching team.

Price per day: $5.90

Total Cost: $165



Complete your journey on our Maintenance Program. Once you have achieved your goal and mastered the skills, tools, and knowledge to maintain, this step in the program is designed to solidify your commitment to health and wellness. With simple check-ins, and monitoring, it’s just the right touch of accountability you need until you are ready to graduate.

Price per day: $3.40

Total Cost: $95


When you're ready to go ALL IN, please honestly fill out the form below and take the first step toward achieving your goals. Visit our FAQs to learn more.


ALL IN Postpartum Program

Our ALL IN Postpartum Program is designed for new mothers at least six weeks post-birth.  Over a four-week period, the ALL IN Postpartum Program will guide new mothers down a path that establishes a post-baby routine of healthy habits and self-care, with a direct focus on nourishment.

Price per day: $18.75/day

Total Cost: $525

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Please be advised that the postpartum program is designed for new mothers at least 6 weeks after birth. We gladly welcome breastfeeding mothers as well as non-breastfeeding mothers with babies 9 months and younger. If you are 9 months postpartum and not breastfeeding, please inquire about our jumpstart program.