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Hi! My name is Jennifer Leipart. I am so excited to join this amazing group of ALL IN coaches! I was born and raised in Oklahoma and lived there until we moved to Los Angeles in August 2012. I have a husband, two teenagers (boy and a girl) and four dogs! I grew up fit and active. I never had to worry about my food or exercise. My sports practices were more than enough to keep me in shape at the time. But things change, I had kids and even post babies I got my figure back. Overtime though my weight started to creep up. I knew it was happening, my clothes were tighter, I didn’t love to be in pictures, and I didn’t feel totally like myself. It was when I went to the doctor and realized that I weighed about as much as I did pregnant that I needed to do something. I was shocked to see that number, but deep inside, I KNEW which is why I wasn’t weighing myself at home! Ignorance is bliss right?! So I started trying different things, juice cleanses, soup cleanses, intermittent fasting, protein drinks, skipping meals, but nothing seemed to work. I exercised 3 to 4 times a week and that was enough in my mind to justify the food choices I was making. I met Teddi through a friend and her pics and story really resonated with me. She wasn’t someone who would had always been fit just telling people what to do. She had struggled with it as well and had managed to make a change and maintain a healthier, happier, balanced life for herself and it really showed. She told me it was going to be hard but that I would be happy I did it, and she was right! I started my ALL IN journey on January 14, 2019 I can’t believe what a change I was able to make mentally and physically in 18 weeks! I am so happy I have made this program a part of my life and even more excited that now I get to help others do the same!

About Jenn L.