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Hi, I’m Katie. I grew up in Colleyville, Texas and moved to Malibu, California in 2014. I’ve always lived what I considered to be a healthy and active lifestyle; I spent many years playing softball, volleyball, and flag football. Thru most of my 20’s, I was able to maintain my weight and drop weight rather easy being so active. When I hit my 30’s, I noticed the ability to maintain my weight became more of a struggle. I spent years fluctuating in weight, trying every new fad diet I could find for a quick fix to drop 5 or 10 pounds. I am almost 6 feet tall so the phrase “you carry it so well and you can’t even tell” is something I started to hear more regularly. I began to notice I was extremely uncomfortable because I was never able to keep the weight off. I knew I really needed to make some changes both physically and mentally and start working harder both in the gym as well as on what I was putting into my body. This is when I discovered Teddi’s program.

I joined Teddi’s accountability program and noticed right away this program wasn’t just about what I was eating, but that it was actually about changing my mindset when it came to food and fitness. This program not only helped me get rid of the extra weight I was carrying, but I noticed I was sleeping better, I had more energy and I felt more confidence in myself- which is something I have always personally struggled with. In 6 weeks, with the help of Teddi and her coaches, I was able to lose 17 pounds. I am now in a place where I feel happier and healthier than ever. I have gone from walking an hour on a treadmill to now training for a half marathon. I have gone from almost zero resistance on an elliptical to every day seeing how much more resistance I can add as a challenge. I have learned about making healthy choices when it comes to food, and how that affects my body, my mood, and my entire day. As a part of Teddi’s team, I hope to be able to inspire and help other woman realize their own potential. I am excited about helping other woman become strong and confident. This program has changed my life and I cannot wait to help you change your life too.

About Katie