Coach Mary Grace

Hey there! I’m Mary Grace (MG for short) and I am super excited to be a member of the ALL IN by Teddi team.

I’ve always been a competitive athlete, and even after college, I coached women’s high school cross country and was still in my fitness groove, running half and full marathons well into my late 20s. Cue real responsibilities: I met my husband, became a step-mom to two boys, had our little guy, and found myself deep in the grind of a demanding job. How did I deal? Not well. I started to make excuses. My baby didn’t sleep so how could I go out for a run? I’m stressed at work, so yes I’ll have that third taco and of course another margarita. Self-care became about comfort foods, and cardio was non-existent.

But that’s not who I am, and the internal battle I was waging with myself began to impact who I was externally. I was moody, short, anxious and overwhelmed. I let work take priority in my life, and I struggled to keep it all together at home. Finally, I woke up one day and said: enough, I want the old me back. But guess what? I didn’t find the old me when I went ALL IN. I found a kinder, gentler, stronger, more consistent me. I found a tribe of people who push me to be better and hold me to a higher standard everyday. I didn’t go back to that fit, carefree girl in her twenties. I went forward, mentally, physically and spiritually. I show up a better mother, wife, friend and human because of ALL IN. Best of all, I know my journey will only get better with time, and I am so excited to join you on yours! You will be forever changed.