Coach Nowel

Hi! My name is Nowel and I am so excited to be a part of the ALL IN coaching team and help you with your health and wellness goals! Originally from South Florida, I now live in sunny Texas with my husband and two kids.

I was an athlete most of my life and when I turned 18 I was diagnosed with Lupus. My life completely changed. Through my treatment, I gained a tremendous amount of weight due to the medication. After I completed treatment and went into remission my fitness journey was a huge focus in my life. I was always active and did every weight loss program out there, some of them more than once. Then life became complete and I met my husband and birthed two amazing kids. I lost some weight, but was just exhausted with going through another program to reach my goal weight, just to only gain it back again. It was this continuous feeling of groundhogs day. Nothing lasted.

I followed Teddi on Instagram and always saw these amazing transformations on her page. It took me a good year before I said, “Let’s give it a try!” It changed my life. I was lucky to be paired with my amazing coach, who was always there for me and is one of the sweetest souls I’ve met, like many of the coaches you will work with at ALL IN. The ALL IN team created a program and a community that I was able to thrive in and take into my next chapter of life!