Hi, my name is Yusnay. I’m a single mom of a 19 year old son. I love what I do and I’m very passionate about it.

I had always maintained a lean body due to staying active. In the beginning of 2017 and now in my 40s, I noticed that my body was not responding to my usual workout routine. I wasn’t feeling good about my appearance and lacked self-confidence. I’ve known Teddi for seven years and had taken notice of her progress/weight loss. She agreed to coach me and changed my life forever. The day I joined the program, I was 4lbs heavier than the day I gave birth to my son. To date, I’ve lost 33lbs — but this program is not just a weight loss tool. It is a complete paradigm shift in how you view food and exercise. Food is fuel. Exercise is a reward. This lifestyle encompasses loving myself and what I put in my body. I’m so thrilled to be an Accountability Coach and help fellow women discover the best versions of themselves.