Downloading ALL IN Workout Video to your iPhone or iPad

How to get the ALL IN 30-Minute Cardio workout video onto your iPad or iPhone

The ALL IN 30-Minute Cardio workout video, like all web videos, cannot be saved directly onto an Apple iOS device (iPad & iPhone).

To save the video onto your iPad or iPhone, you need to first download the video file to your computer, add it to your iTunes library, then use iTunes to transfer the video to your iPad/iPhone.

  1. On your desktop or laptop computer, visit the Your Membership page. Click download and save the video file to your computer.
  2. On your computer, launch iTunes and import the workout video into your iTunes Library by clicking and dragging the .mp4 file onto the iTunes interface. You can also use the iTunes main menu, File > Add to Library, for another option to add the video into iTunes. The video should import and now appear within your Movies/Home Videos library.
  3. When the video file is in your iTunes Library, connect your iPad/iPhone to your computer via USB cable.
  4. Once the iPad/iPhone is recognized by the computer, it will appear within iTunes under the Devices area. Now go back to the Movies/Home Videos library and click and drag the video file onto the device.
  5. Disconnect iPad/iPhone, and enjoy your workout!


If you continue to have trouble downloading your workout video onto your Apple iOS device, please contact support.

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