ALL IN x Mindset Coaching with Katie Wee


Overcome patterns of self-sabotage and become the most healthy, confident, and self-loving version of you yet

Learn to master your mindset so you can create a life you love

Get ready to meet the best version of you


Intro to Mindset Coaching (1:1)

Katie Wee, Mindset Coach

Book a 1:1 30-minute mindset coaching call with Katie, and expedite your results. Katie will help you define what you want and create a plan to get you to where you want to be in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible.

Get ready to level up your mindset and get the results you want. 

Total Cost: $90

ALL IN Vibe Tribe (Group Coaching)

ALL IN Vibe Tribe

Join the ALL IN Vibe Tribe and level up your mindset so you can get the results you’re ready for. You deserve to live in your healthiest body and create a life that feels happy, fulfilling and exciting to you. Join us for a monthly workshop with Mindset Coach Katie Wee, and get ready to make your goals a reality.

Includes (1) 1hr 15min Zoom workshop each month with Katie. Each session will include group mindset coaching, meditation and live Q&A.

Total Cost: $25/month recurring

This Program Is For You If:

  • You’re ready to be feel better in your body
  • You want to show up for yourself but sometimes don’t know how to get out of your own way
  • Your present headspace doesn’t feel like the most fun place to be
  • You know you have more potential than you’re utilizing, and you’re ready to level up
  • You feel there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing
  • You’re ready to learn how to manifest and attract what you want into your life
  • You’re craving more freedom, satisfaction, joy, calm and ease, and less anxiety and worry
  • You’re tired of being stuck in patterns of self-sabotage and are ready to start thriving
  • You’re ready to step into your full power as the conscious creator of your life
  • You have big dreams and you’re ready to make them a reality
  • You’re ready to live your best life


Topics that will be covered:

  • How to have a better relationship with your body
  • How to identify and talk back to your inner critic
  • How to connect with your higher self
  • How to use your intuition to level up your life
  • How to create results using mindset
  • How to declutter your life
  • How to speed up the process and claim your best body now

Katie Wee Mindset Coaching Testimonials

Mindset Coaching Testimonial quote reading This is Priceless. I cannot thank Katie enough for her guidance and knowledge in this course. I could feel the helpfulness of hte lessons every day. This is priceless. I am truly vibrating at a higher level and so much more aware of my energy. Thank you Katie!
Mindset Coaching Testimonial quote reading This program changed my life in perfect alignment with what I've been working towards.